About your mailing list subscription…

When or where did you subscribe?

Autoresponder systemIt’s easy to forget that you subscribed to a mailing list online, especially if you don’t hear from that list very often, or if it’s a long time since you subscribed. So here’s how most people end up on any of our lists at The Profit Clinic.

  1. You probably subscribed while visiting one of our websites. There are lots of them, so it can be easy to lose track. Especially since we don’t have a lot of lists — we prefer to have only a small number of lists that we can segment into sensible groupings. Those groupings may be common interests, geographic location (country or city, etc), industry or profession, business model, etc. We do this so that we only send you information that’s relevant to you.
  2. You may also have subscribed from one of our many ebooks, Insight Reports or white papers. We often publish email subscription links in our publications.
  3. You may have subscribed from one of our videos, webinar replays or even during a live event, online or offline.

Our email service providers keep all subscription and confirmation information on file. These can be viewed on request. We also publish a short note explaining how you came to be on our list in each message we send.

If you no longer wish to receive our messages, removing yourself is easy. Simply click on the Unsubscribe link at the end of every email we send to our lists.

Depending on the list in question, you may still receive one or two messages after you unsubscribe. This is because email service providers often schedule mailings over several hours to spread the load on their outgoing mailservers, which can result in delays in your removal request taking effect. In any case, it shouldn’t happen after more than one day at most.

Important: We maintain a strict anti-spam policy. We don’t spam, ever. If you receive an email message that you suspect is spam, and that claims to be from us, it’s almost certainly from professional spammers “spoofing” our email address. It’s not from us.

Feel free to report it to our Help Desk at http://profitclinic.com.au/helpdesk/.