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Copywriting for Home Business Owners

Copywriting for Home Business

Really useful, evergreen copywriting tools and tuition from The Profit Clinic:

Buy the $7 Secrets Script and Accessories

But $7 Script and Accessories

Ingenious, low-cost e-commerce and affiliate management script with FREE lifetime updates:

Viral Explosion

Viral Explosion INSTANT Income Program

INSTANT Income Affiliate Program from The Profit Clinic:


AutoResponder-PLUS i-Marketing System for Home Businesses

Powerful, fully-integrated and affordable i-marketing system — autoresponders, broadcasting, shopping cart and catalog, ad tracking, affiliate management and more:

Online Biz Wiz

Online Biz Wiz

Really useful tools and resources for Internet marketers and web masters from The Profit Clinic:

The 30-Day Profit Plan

The 30-Day Profit Plan

Exciting, self-funding on-line business start-up program from The Profit Clinic:

Business for Baby Boomers

Business for Baby Boomers Incubator Program

The low-cost, on-line business start-up system for Baby Boomers from The Profit Clinic:

What The “Gurus” WON’T Tell You!

What the "Gurus" WON'T Tell You!

How to separate the “a-hah!” from the rah-rah, ga-ga and ca-ca… and avoid being tag-teamed by “Guru” gangs on-line. Your best insurance against being scammed, over and over and over again: