Sales Letter Policy

Learn from the best — and the worst

We normally include the author’s own sales letter for each Resale Rights product we offer to let you see how they promote their own product. The sales letter is often a reliable indicator of how the author views the people they target with their products — which can tell you a lot about its real usefulness to you.

If they use strong emotional appeals to greed, laziness, fear of loss, desperation, gullibility or if they cynically hold out false hope of instant, effortless riches, then it’s a reasonable assumption that they see YOU as just another Employee/ Consumer/ Imitator to be exploited and abused.

But don’t be too hasty… it’s not always the case. (Besides, we simply refuse to offer products that are abusive or exploitative, or which tend to encourage abuse or exploitation.)

Sometimes an author will create an excellent product about their specialist topic, then turn around and create a blaring, hype-riddled, over-the-top sales letter, simply because they don’t know any better… after all, that’s how the “Gurus” say you should do it. (Which is true, of course, if you’re a “Guru”, because that’s the audience you always target, always with those kinds of manipulative selling tactics.)

You can always tell when this is the case, though. These sales letters are typically badly written and presented and look just the same as all the other “magic formula”, “silver bullet”, “killer copy” sales letters that are all as boring, patronising, and irritating as each other. And they almost always conclude with clumsy, ham-fisted attempts at emotional blackmail designed to get the idiot reader (that’s how they view you) to set aside all common sense and buy for no better reason than that “I might decide to double the price or take it off the market at any time”.

Just the right basis for making a rational, objective business decision, right?

We’re sceptical of so-called “Gurus” and their wannabe clones — and the sleazy tactics they use to part you from your hard-earned cash!

This hard-hitting, eye-opening, take-no-prisoners Insight Report from The Profit Clinic reveals little-known truths about these “Gurus”. It’s a low-cost insurance policy against being hoodwinked and ripped-off by them and their cronies.

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