Reviews and Endorsements Disclaimer

Our position on reviews and endorsements

You should assume that any reviews or endorsements for products, services, companies or individuals appearing on this site may be subject to some kind of affiliate relationship and that we may receive compensation for any purchases you make using our affiliate links, or that we may have received complimentary copies of such products or services, or requests for reviews or endorsements from those companies or individuals.

What you should NOT assume

We do NOT provide positive reviews, recommendations or endorsements on request simply because the creator of the product or service, or the company or individual from which we received them, offers to pay us commissions or provides those products or services free of charge. (This assumption is equally unsound for anyone providing free products or offering to pay commissions… those products, services, etc will be judged on their merits, in terms of how they comply with our Three Criteria of Fulfilment.)

We are in NO way any kind of “rent-a-rubber-stamp” provider of positive reviews, recommendations or endorsements for anyone or anything. Reviews are based strictly on the merits — and results of practical trials or testing — of the items being reviewed.

If the review is positive in its findings, it means we’ve checked and tested it and it gets 3-out-of-3 of our Three Criteria of Fulfilment

  1. Safety — there’s no risk to you if you use it as intended. (If you misuse it, of course, that’s another story entirely.)
  2. Efficacy — it does what it says it will do. It keeps its promises. It works.
  3. Value — the benefits you enjoy far outweigh all the conditions you need to meet to acquire them, including the first condition — the price.

The Bottom Line: 

We do our very best to comply with our own Three Criteria of Fulfilment. In other words, if we post a positive review, endorsement or recommendation, you can safely assume that it’s based on our genuine opinion of the product, service, company or individual involved. It is NOT based on the fact that we were provided the review products or services free of charge, or that we may receive commissions on purchases made from our affiliate links.

As a matter of principle, we disclose the fact whenever products or services reviewed, recommended or endorsed by us were provided free of charge or are subject to affiliate commissions.

(See our Seal of Approval policy also.)