Privacy Policy

Our plain-English, no-hidden-catches Privacy Policy

We don’t collect information about you unless we ask for — and obtain — your consent first. And we only collect information from form pages or email messages, so you know exactly what information you’re giving us.

We tell you why we need that information, and we only use it for its stated purpose, nothing else.

We never make that information available to anyone else except to process payments via our respective banks and/or credit card companies, to deliver goods to you, or in response to a valid order of a properly constituted court with appropriate jurisdiction. We will notify you promptly of any such order upon proper service of that order upon us by a duly authorised officer of the court.

We use cookies to prevent some pop-up windows from appearing more than once during your visit to our site. These are session cookies only, which expire when you leave this site. We also use cookies to link you to any Profit Clinic affiliate who refers you to us in order to ensure their entitlements and to help protect you against any improper conduct on the part of our affiliates.

No personal data is stored unless we receive your permission to do so, such as orders from you for goods or services.

Once we’ve finished with your information, we delete it unless we’re legally required to retain it.


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