Seal of Approval

Our Official Seal of Approval

The Profit Clinic Seal of Approval

The Profit Clinic Seal of Approval is our way of recommending products, services or people to you that we choose to use ourselves. If it carries our Seal of Approval, it means we’ve checked and tested it and it gets 3-out-of-3 of our Three Criteria of Fulfilment

  1. Safety — there’s no risk to you if you use it as intended. (If you misuse it, of course, that’s another story entirely.)
  2. Efficacy — it does what it says it will do. It keeps its promises. It works.
  3. Value — the benefits you enjoy far outweigh all the conditions you need to meet to acquire them, including the first condition — the price.


If you see this Seal of Approval on any third-party site, you can verify it by clicking on it. It will bring you to a verification page on this domain. If it fails to appear, you know that our Seal of Approval image is being used illegally.

That fact alone should warn you against dealing with the owners of that site.

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