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The Profit Clinic publishes the following ezines (a contraction of electronic magazines — so it’s pronounced “ee-zeens”, not “ee-zynes”. Unless, of course, you buy or read magazynes.)

  • Small Business PRO.
  • Home Business PRO.
  • Direct Sales PRO.
  • Internet Marketing PRO.
  • Network Marketing PRO.

All of these are published irregularly (see our Publishing Policy) and are free of charge, although you need to subscribe to receive them.

They discuss business from the point of view of Fourth Generation Thinking™, our proprietary intellectual property, which tends to make them uniquely different and often provocative, especially in terms of challenging conventional approaches to business.

Our readers tell us they like our approach, which they also tell us produces better, faster, more measurable and profitable results for them.

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Our Publishing Policy is very simple: “Blessed are they who have nothing to say… and cannot be persuaded to say it!”

It helps to ensure that you only hear from us when we have something we consider worth saying. In other words, we don’t publish for the sake of publishing.

When you subscribe, we guarantee three important things: we respect your…

  • Privacy — your private information stays private. We don’t share it with anyone except as set out in our Privacy Policy.
    (View our Privacy Policy.)
  • Trust — we value your trust in our integrity and will never knowingly breach that trust or compromise our integrity. (Yes, it costs us short-term gain, but it prevents long-term pain. And we sleep well at night.)
  • Intelligence — we don’t engage in hype, buzz or spin, nor will we bury you in sales pitches riddled with hyperbole and emotional blackmail (including false hope, false scarcity and false urgency). We refuse to practise “ambush” selling.

Our ezines are all published from a single mailing list — but it’s sensibly segmented so you can choose only the kind of information that’s relevant to YOU. You can alter your preferences, or unsubscribe from any ezine, at any time. (Link in every email sent.)