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Why and How you should white-list us

White Listing

Confirming and white-listing

Email is a fast and effective way of communicating. But selfish and unscrupulous people have made it hard for everyone to only get the email messages they really want, and harrassed email service providers have had to resort to tough, often drastic filtering processes to protect their clients and mail systems.This has led to the widespread use of confirming and white-listing to try to overcome these problems.

Confirming is what happens when you subscribe to a mailing list, then have to confirm that subscription request. This is also referred to as “Double opt-in” or “verified opt-in“.

Why do I need to confirm/verify?

All Profit Clinic mailing lists and autoresponders are double-opt-in or verified opt-in (they mean the same thing). That means you need to confirm your original subscription request so we know that it’s really you requesting the subscription — not some pest or prankster trying to sign you up without your knowledge or consent.

It’s an important protection for both of us. This way you only receive email messages from us that you requested and confirmed, andwe‘re protected against false spamming complaints.

When you subscribe to one of our lists, our mail system sends you a confirmation request email with a confirmation link. All you have to do is click on that link. A browser window will then open to tell you that your subscription is confirmed. Close the browser window and you’re all done. It’s that easy and quick.

If you don’t confirm, our system will automatically delete your subscription request after a day or two. You will not be added to the mailing list until you confirm.

Why do I need to “white-list” an email address?

“White-listing” means notifying your own email provider that you want to receive email messages from the white-listed sender. This let’s them know not to filter or black-list that sender’s emails.

White-listing delivers two important benefits for you…

  • It helps to ensure that you receive messages from us that you’ve requested.
  • It helps to protect you from unsolicited bulk email (spam).

How do I confirm?

You’ll receive a confirmation request email from us within a few minutes of clicking on the button to send your request. It will be from the email address listed on the “Thank you” page where you clicked the link to come to this page.That page should still be open in your browser if you want to check the address right now.

The message will typically show…

  • From: The Profit Clinic
  • Subject line: Please confirm your subscription
If you receive any message from * you know that it’s from our autoresponder and broadcast email system. Even if it refers to you by name, it is not a personal message that needs you to reply.

(*or the email address listed on the “Thank you” page of our site where you subscribed.
It’s the same page where you just clicked the link to come to this page.)

Do NOT reply to any message from this address — it’s from a mail script.

To contact us by email, please use our Help Desk ticketing system for the fastest response time…

How do I white-list email senders?

If you use YahooHotmailAOL, or any similar email service, please read the instructions below.

If you use SPAM ARREST or a similar service, please white list this address:**or the email address listed on the “Thank you” page of our site where you subscribed.
It’s the same page where you just clicked the link to come to this page.

If you haven’t received our confirmation email with the subject line Please confirm your subscription it’s probably due to spam filters. (Especially if you use a free email provider or even AOL).

Please check your “Spam“, “Junk” or “Bulk” email folders for the confirmation request. Make sure you add us to your address book, “buddy list” or “white list” if it will help.

Here’s how to do that for some of the most popular e-mail providers…

Yahoo |  AOL |  MSN |  Earthlink |  Verizon |  Outlook 2003 |  Other Providers

yahoo! mail

yahoo!Here’s how to add us to your Yahoo white list…

1. Open your Yahoo mailbox
2. Click “Mail Options
3. Click “Filters
4. Next, click “Add Filter
5. In the top row, labeled “From Header:” make sure “contains” is selected.
6. Click in the text box next to that drop-down menu, and enter the address in the “From:” line of our e-mail message (Please select the e-mail address from the list provided)
7. At the bottom, where it says “Move the message to:” select “Inbox” from the menu.
8. Click the “Add Filter” button again.


If you’re using AOL, here’s how to receive our mails…

1. Go to “Mail Controls
2. Select the screen name we’re sending your e-mail to
3. Click “Customize Mail Controls For This Screen name.”

For AOL version 7.0: In the section for “exclusion and inclusion parameters“, include these**. For AOL version 8.0: Select “Allow e-mail from all AOL members, e-mail addresses and domains”. Then…

1. Click “Next” until the Save button appears at the bottom
2. Click “Save.”


To receive our emails at Hotmail, please follow these steps if you have trouble…

1. Click the “Options” tab
2. Under “Mail Handling” select “Safe List
3. In the space provided, enter the address in the “From:” line of this e-mail
4. Click “Add
5. When the address you entered in the Safe List box appears, click “OK“.


1. Click on Address Book (it’s over on the left, below your Folders).
2. When your Address Book opens, click the Add button.
3. On the Add Contact screen, find the Internet Information box.
4. Enter the address* (or the address on the “Thank you” page that sent you here). 
5. Click Save.


1. On the left hand side of the screen go to E-Mail & More
2. Go to Check My E-Mail
3. Under Check My E-Mail click on Options
4. Under Options 7 tabs will appear across the screen [Mailbox] [Rules] [Signature] [Display] [POP Set-up] [Block Senders] [Mail Filters]
5. Click on [Block Senders]
6. A Block Senders screen appears
7. There is a Block Sender List and a Safe List
8. Add* to the*

Outlook 2003

Add a name to your Safe Senders or Safe Recipients List
You can add either* or* to the Safe Senders List.
1. On the Tools menu, click Options.
2. On the Preferences tab, under E-mail, click Junk E-mail.
3. Click the Safe Senders or Safe Recipients tab.
4. Click Add.
5. In the Enter an e-mail address or Internet domain name to be added to the list box, enter the name or address you want added, and then click OK.
Repeat steps 4 and 5 for each name or address that you want to add.

Other Providers

If one of your e-mails is being filtered, try adding our domain* or* (our message ´From´ or ´Reply-to´ address) to your address book or contact list. If this option is not available, try moving the message to your ´inbox´ or forwarding the message to yourself.


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