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Why most small and home-based business plans aren’t just uselessthey’re downright dangerous!

Why do I need an engine, a mast or sails, fuel, fresh water, life raft or jacket, radio, food, oars, charts, sextant, compass, etc etc etc? I'm going SAILING!

After almost 30 years of consulting, training and publishing for small and home-based business owners and direct sellers, we’ve learned a LOT about what works and what doesn’t when it comes to business planning.

We see lots of Business Plans in our work with small and home-based business owners. Every once in a while we may see one that stands a chance of working, but not very often. Most are little more than a frustrating, disheartening waste of time, energy, hope, money and resources — the wrong thing, done for the wrong reasons. And they become a constant, silent reproach to the business owner, because they just sit there, gathering dust, unable to be properly implemented.

It’s not that they won’t work. They CAN’T work!

It’s not just the fact that they’re dull, boring and useless, either. They’re downright dangerous, for four very important reasons:

  1. They undermine your faith in the planning process, which is indispensable to small business survival and prosperity.
  2. They undermine your confidence in yourself.
  3. When you try to make them work, you end up doing things for the wrong reasons.(Whether they’re the right things or the wrong things to do doesn’t really matter. If you do them for the wrong reasons, you can’t succeed. It’s that simple.)
  4. They’re based on BIG business models and methods, which often have little or no relevance to small business.

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