Why we’re so different

What makes us so different?
And why are we considered subversive?

(We’re not even political!)

Small Business owners

In a nutshell, it’s our ideas. We have strong, innovative, entrepreneurial, free-wheeling, no-bull, no-frills, useful IDEAS for small business success. PROVEN ideas, too… they WORK.

And to those with a vested interest in keeping small business owners right where they are — head down, r-sup, working too long and too hard for too little money, trapped on a deadly treadmill of control-by-distraction — our ideas are a huge threat. You can learn more about them here and here. (These pages have return links to this page so you won’t lose your place.)

The Forces of Darkness (FODs) arrayed against small business owners everywhere in the world include politicians of all stripes and colours, bureaucrats, BIG business and trade unions.

The Mushroom StrategyDespite all the noble sentiments and platitudes oozing from politicians about the importance of small business to the nation’s economy (they’re right about that), never forget that FODs of all kinds are obsessed with controlling and exploiting small business for their own advantage — and small business owners are essentially powerless when it comes to political clout, precisely because FOD control strategies are so effective in keeping us barking up the wrong trees or chasing our own reflections.

They achieve this powerful control by employing the Mushroom Doctrine: keep us in the dark and feed us a steady diet of B.S.


Because we’re independent entrepreneurs — if only we can catch the vision of what that really means — and they’re all employees! 

The notion of taking responsibility for your own success is anathema to them. They’re terrified of the idea.

Never forget that everyone in BIG Business, from the Board of Directors down, is an employee, not an entrepreneur. Their motives and priorities are profoundly different from ours.

The Profit Clinic was established to help small and home-based business owners, network marketers and direct sellers (who are all small business people, too, no matter how big the companies they’re aligned with) learn to do just two critically important things…

Work LESS and earn MORE.

When small business knows what it’s doing, BIG business simply can’t compete with it. The problem is that small business rarely knows what it’s doing, so it hands over its real competitive advantage to BIG business on a silver platter!

The Profit Clinic’s origins began back in 1984 with a series of small business advertising workshops run to help local shopping strip retailers compete with several newly-opened shopping malls in country Victoria, Australia.

It quickly grew into a national self-help network, The Small Business Adshop, which conducted workshops and seminars up and down the east coast of Australia for several years, and created a three-part self-help program on video and interactive audio cassettes and workbooks. It featured in Business Review Weekly in February 1991.

In time, though, it became obvious to us that there were deeper problems that were causing most small business advertising to fail… in fact, those same factors were what causes 90% of ALL small/home business owners to fail.

So The Small Business Training Company was formed to offer a broader range of services. In order to identify the 1-in-10 small business owners who are serious about training we created The Australian Small Business Network as a database marketing strategy, which helps reduce marketing costs and keep fees low.

In 1993-1994, The Profit Clinic became the umbrella organisation for all these operations — and more.

Our services and products are focused on two things only…

  • How to become more productive (and enjoy more free time). In other words, how to work less.
  • How to become more profitable (and have more money with which to enjoy that free time). In other words, how to earn more.

Everything else in small/home business is ancillary to these two things… they’re either helping to achieve these aims – or they’re getting in the way!

To achieve this, we create innovative, world-class self help training, books, multi media programs and form strategic alliances with other organisations that help create the kind of freedom possible only when you’re in control of your two primary mediums of exchange… time and money. (The only valid reason to go into business at all, because you can enjoy everything else, with less risk, in a job!)

So… are we subversive?

You bet! And proud of it!


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