WHY we do what we do (Part 2)

Our Mission Statement is plain and simple…

“We exist to help people become free.”

We regard the small business entrepreneur as the last guardian of the economic and democratic freedoms on which free societies are built.

Governments can’t be relied on to protect those freedoms. They’ve been gradually whittling them away, little by little, generation after generation, on all sides of the political arena.

Big business can’t be relied on to defend them, either. Those freedoms are a thorn in the side of capitalism, even though it relies upon them for its very existence.

Labour and the vast mass of employees can’t and won’t. The nature and responsibility of freedom terrifies those obsessed with security… their entire history is one of trading their freedom for the illusion of security. This includes those who “buy themselves a job” and become franchisees… really little more than branch managers who put their personal and family assets at risk to build someone else’s security! (The franchisor.)

Those courageous enough to stand up and take on the challenge, the insecurity, the risks and the stresses of free enterprise truly value and defend our freedoms, turning their vision into reality with their own blood, sweat and tears, every day.

So we exist to help those entrepreneurs get it right with cutting-edge knowledge, skills and resources at prices small business owners can afford.

The Law of Success is to do only the right things for only the right reasons. Then you can’t make a mistake.

The problem is, most small business entrepreneurs don’t know what the right things or the right reasons are. So they muddle along, following the leader, guessing, working hard (but rarely working smart), with little or no leverage in what they do.

Our role is to point out the right reasons for being in business, and the right things for doing in order to succeed. To provide insights into leverage and balance and how to gain and apply them through the subtle art of “tilting the seesaw”.

The so-called “entrepreneurs” of the 1980s sullied the name. The truth is, by the time most of them had scaled the dizzy heights before they crashed so spectacularly, they had ceased to be true entrepreneurs at all.

An entrepreneur takes calculated risks and accepts the consequences. The real skill of the corporate buccaneers was to get everyone else – shareholders, banks, employees, retirement funds, etc – to take the risks for them. Then, when it was time for them to face the consequences of their actions, they were too sick, too brain-damaged or too far away to do so!

Make no mistake… the name “entrepreneur” is honourable and, in the 21st century, rarely applies to anyone but the small or home business owner-manager. What’s needed now, to make sure that small business succeeds in this vital role, is for people in small business to begin doing only the right things, for only the right reasons.

We’re here to help you do precisely that.

Small business entrepreneurs of the world, we salute and support you.

You have true friends here. The Profit Clinic is for YOU.


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