WHAT we do

Our Professional Services

We provide affordablepractical, results-driven professional training, consulting and business support services to help you do all the right things, for all the right reasons — at the right times and in the right way — in these essential (and tough!) areas of small business. (Click here to learn more about who we are and what we do – and why we’re so different – in a handy pop-up window.)

  • Business planning – why and how to be in business for yourself, successfully.
  • Profitability – audits, diagnosis and strategies. How to spend less and earn more by finding new markets, new opportunities and better ways to utilise your existing resources.
  • Productivity – audits, diagnosis and strategies. How to find better ways to do things that help you and your people work less and achieve more.
  • Corporate identity – total visual imaging and positioning for your business, including logos, stationery, literature, signage design, web design, packaging, point-of-sale, publications and more.
  • Branding – how to distinguish your business, what it does and how it does it, so well that prospects and buyers will choose YOU instead of your competition, every time.
  • Marketing, Sales and Advertising – how to sell more, more often, to more people, for more profit. We can train your sales team, too.
  • Pricing strategy – setting the right price points can transform the results you enjoy, but booby traps are everywhere and they’re usually lethal.
  • Customer Acquisition and Retention – how to find and keep long term, profitable, repeat buyers – and how to turn your buyers into your most productive, profitable sellers!
  • Relationship Building — how to identify, create and nurture genuine Win-Win relationships so that you have access to all the resources you need in your business. We train your staff so that they understand that customers aren’t pests, too… they’re actually the key to their job security!
  • Personal and team productivity – how to get more out of your time and activity, and how to leverage the time and results of your staff.
  • Internet and web design – how to make the most of the Internet in the REAL world. We create powerful, affordable web sites that work, including hosting, PLUS lead generation in your LOCAL market… another Profit Clinic first! (Link opens in a pop-up window so you don’t lose your place here.)
  • Strategic Alliances and Joint Ventures – we specialise in creating strategic alliances between our clients that help them work less and earn more with less effort, less cost and less risk.

What we DON’T do

We don’t provide any kind of training, consulting or services in the compliance aspects of small business like tax, finance, industrial relations, human resources, occupational health and safety, etc, which typically help you process, protect or polish your productivity and profits… but don’t actually produce them. (That’s where we come in.) There are plenty of good, local resources, training courses and professional advisors available to help you with compliance.

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