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The Oyster Principle

The Oyster PrincipleThe Oyster Principle encapsulates all of the other principles of Fourth Generation Thinking™ — the proprietary models we use in all aspects of life and business to extend personal control and eliminate stress. This is it:

  • Identify and define the desired result.
  • Identify and define the cause/effect process.
  • Focus on the process (barriers+keys+actions).
  • The result will take care of itself !

In everything we do, we start with the result we want to achieve. Then we identify the safest, easiest, best and smartest way to produce that result.

Then we go for it.

This video explains a few of the ways we achieve all this…

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It’s the same when we’re working with you… we look at the result you need, not just the result you want. If they’re compatible, we identify the safest, easiest, best and smartest way to produce that result. Then we go for it in partnership with you and your team.

If they’re not compatible, we point out the pitfalls that lie ahead of you and either reach consensus on what’s needed — or we decline to get involved. It’s bad enough trying to drag a client over the finishing line. It’s crazy to drag them, kicking and screaming, over the starting line! We won’t even try. Clients with a commercial death wish do nothing for our reputation.

You can learn how to do it for yourself — or we can do it for you

Often, the best approach is to teach you how to do it yourself – like teaching you to fish instead of catching one for you. The long term leverage is far better. But we’ve learned, over the 25 years since we began working with small business owners, that most of them simply don’t have the time, talent or skills needed to do it for themselves. So we also provide consulting and professional services to help you put it all to work, productively and profitably – working less and earning more.

Does that mean the training is a waste of time, effort and money?

Absolutely not. An educated client invariably gets better results. They understand the process, they can brief us more accurately and reliably, they can evaluate our proposals better and faster, they make more informed and smarter business decisions and they’re a whole lot easier for us to work with to produce the best possible results for them.

In other words, when our clients are on the same page and wavelength as we are, the results are so much easier, faster and better – and less costly, less wasteful and less risky – to achieve. As for the cost of the training, our clients find that they save it over and over again because they know what they’re doing, at last.

In a nutshell, if you think education is expensive, try ignorance!

On-site or on-line?

We prefer to use resources intelligently. That means optimising our time, effort, money, know-how and technology to minimise waste and unnecessary duplication. So we prefer, where possible, not to travel unless it’s unavoidable. Face-to-face, on-site meetings may feel better, but emotion is no substitute for reason.

Our state-of-the-art, Internet-based conference system allows us to talk to clients anywhere in the world, with full multi-media support so that we can share visuals, audio or video files, PowerPoint presentations, use the electronic whiteboard, display web pages as well as deliver live, interactive training.

It can be used for one-on-one meetings or for groups of up to 50 people at a time. Best of all, there are no travelling, accommodation, catering or venue costs involved, and no telephone or conference call charges except for your regular Internet connection. There’s no expensive software to be purchased.

We’re show you testimonials and references from happy, satisfied clients on request.

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